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What to do with Mark Ingram?


12 team Full PPR I’m 2-1 prior to Sundays noon games

I’ve got Ingram as my RB 4 behind Gordon Fournette and Kelley with D’Onta Foreman, Jacquizz and Alex Collins also on my bench. We only start 2 RB’s, but I don’t know what to do with Ingram. I was holding on to him cuz Peterson is really doing nothing hoping he would win the RBBC, but Kamara caught 10 receptions in london and also ran a little bit, so I’m concerned about his workload even though he has been good with a small workload in the past, I still worry about kamara taking the passing downs.

Do I bail on Ingram and try to package Ingram for a better WR or should I wait till he maybe has a good game then sell high cuz I’m ok with RB depth? Not super confident in my WR depth at the moment…

Start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex

My team

QB Dak Prescott

RB Melvin Gordon
RB Leonard Fournette
RB Rob Kelley
RB Mark Ingram
RB Jacquizz Rodgers
RB D’Onta Foreman
RB Alex Collins

WR Golden Tate
WR Tyreek Hill
WR Rishard Matthews
WR Tyrell Williams
WR Danny Amendola

TE Zach Ertz


I think I’d trade to get Kamara so that I have basically the entire Saints backfield. Or alternatively trade Ingram to get Lamar Miller so that you capture the Texans backfield. And then run them as a stack during bye weeks for Gordon and or fournette


I feel like if I go to buy kamara I’m gonna have to buy high on him after this week. The guy who has him is 0-3 though and had kamara on the bench… poor guy.

As for miller, the Miller owner is dying at RB (Miller, Perkins, Perine, Rawls, MartinSSPD) and gets Doug martin back next week. I talked to him about giving him jacquizz and Amendola (hes also got brady) for Sterling Shepard but after i offered the trade he stopped responding.


Due to your strength at the running back position compared to wide receivers I might try to trade to get Miller because he ought to be cheaper and then use your other running back pieces excluding Fornette, to get an upgrade at wide receiver