What to do with Mattison now?

I started him. Regret. I feel like he’s only worth rostering, at this point, if you have Cook. I don’t. If Cook goes out again, I don’t trust Mattison at all. An infant could have averaged more yards on the ground against Atlanta. I just got knee surgery, and I could have gotten more yards per carry against the ATLANTA FALCONS DEFENSE.

So, do I try to trade him? Just flat out drop him? Or is there any reason at all for me to hold onto him?

I personally feel that Mattison is worth stashing in case cooks goes out but if you have the rb depth and don’t need him esp since your’re not the cook owner then drop him. I have cook and I will be keeping him even though he royally screwed me.

But that whole offense in the first half was horrible and by the time it came to the second half they had to throw non-stop. Though he should have had that goal line touchdown in the first half but he couldn’t get it in

If you, as the Cook owner, didn’t have Mattison, what caliber of player would you trade for him?

I would try and see what you can get and trade him to the cook owner. But you won’t really get anything great, most likely RB3,WR3 area. Maybe more from the cook owner