What to do with McCoy

Drafted McCoy for the value (20th RB off the board) to fill my RB2 slot but was able to build RB depth later on… and am now trying to flip him before his “value” slips further. Should i hold on to him or trade to upgrade another position?

12-team, HalfPPR starting 3-WR, 2-RB, 1-FLX, 1-TE.

Other RBs are M.Gordon, R.Burkhead, J.Williams, and T.Coleman, C.Clement, and D.Foreman (IR slot).

WRs are M.Thomas, A.Cooper, C.Davis, T.Lockett, C.Godwin, J.Docston, G.Allison.

TE is J.Reed.

Thx Footclan!

I personally would keep him. I think even if you got him for value, the looming suspension risk on a bad team will amount to low ball trades.

I got him in the 4th round in 12 teamer. He was my 4th RB but in the 4th round I felt the value was too much. I read quite a few stories about age, o-line, qb, etc. and tried moving him without success. At this point have come to terms with keeping him. He has among the highest guaranteed touches in the league and will be on the field regardless of game script. As last night showed how frustrating rbbc’s can be, ill take 20 or more guaranteed touches a game. He may be an rb1 yet again…or a decent rb2.

The only nibbles i’ve had are from the RB needy teams for 5th/6th round WRs like C.Hogan or J.Gordon. I could potentially package one of my depth WRs to create a 2-for-2 trade to make it, say

Doctson/Lockett + McCoy for
Kerryon + C.Hogan or J.Gordon + G.Bernard.

but it’d be a stretch

Hold him. His market value is too volatile, wait until he goes off or the Bills show they are going to give him 20-25 touches a game then try and flip him for a WR1/2 , TE1, or a qb1 or a combo of two of those.

Point being gotta hold him, never know you may like what your seeing and keep him. I think Coleman will be getting alot work moving forward, freeman just looks like hes put too many miles on that body.

If you got McCoy for value, hold him. I owned zero shares of him until my last draft, got him in the 5th round of a ppr as my flex RB. You’re not going to get good trade value for him but if he doesn’t get suspended, you got insane start value. Just hold onto him.