What to do with McLaurin?

With the Haskins news and the Skins apparently going into full tank mode, I have serious doubts about McLaurin’s value going forward.

At 5-4, and with Thielen down, I have a real need for a viable WR2/WR3.

Should i drop him for Devante Parker?

My team:
QBs: Brees & Stafford
RBs: Saquon, Carson, A. Jones, D. Freeman, D. Williams
WRs: Thielen (out), Lockett, Crowder, Boyd
TEs: Kelce, Mark Andrews

Can’t drop Stafford as my opponent will likely pick him up and start him.

I am in the same position in my other league. I tried packaging him in trades, but was unsuccessful.

My WR: Hopkins (BYE), Thielen (Doubtful), Sutton (BYE), Boyd, and McLaurin

I needed a WR to play this week so I had to drop him and pick-up Pascal. I do not like McLaurin if Haskins is playing. If Parker were on my waivers, I would have grabbed him instead. I do like his play-off schedule (NJY, NYG, Cin)

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He had 6 targets on 4 catches. I don’t think he drops too low since Haskins is getting most or all first team reps. Haskins was only getting a few first team reps and thrown in middle of the games previously. I think parker has more upside with fitz as qb but I don’t see mclaurin being a high end wr2 at the moment with Haskins. Do you have an Ir spot for thielen? Or possible trade andrews and a wr for a better wr/reliable? Foles back Dede might do better.

WAS is on a bye, I wouldn’t drop him just yet – possible something could happen before the next game to change the situation. And he’s still their WR1.

Yeah i already tried trading Mark Andrews to no avail. Then i packaged Boyd and McLaurin for an upgrade - no dice.

How about Boyd? Guess i have to wait to see if this new QB is as bad as everyone assumes he’s gonna be…

If Green comes back as suspected Boyd will lose targets. But maybe Boyd might be tradeable rather than just dropping him.