What to do with Melvin Gordon?!

Hey guys,

What’s everyone’s plans with Melvin at this point? What’s the earliest you’re comfortable drafting him? Also, I’m in a keeper league and can keep him for a 4.11 pick; do you think there’s still value there?


If I’m a gordon owner, I hang on to him and protect myself with Ekeler and / or Justin Jackson.

If I’m drafting and Gordon’s available, I don’t take him unless he falls to me in the 4th (12 team) or the 5th (10 team). And after I take him, I reach for Ekeler and pick Jackson late.

In other words, it’s a mess. You’ll be taking up a lot of bench with insurance policies. Then again, if Gordon doesn’t come back, Ekeler and Jackson are not bench players; they’re weekly starters in a very good offense. So I guess it’s worth it.

I think Ekeler is fragile and that Jackson could wind up being the between-the-tackles guy, anyway. But as long as Ekeler’s healthy, he’s guaranteed a hefty share of work either way.

Others here may have better responses to this situation than I do. That’s my uncreative solution.