What to do with Mitchell

My team (superflex, half ppr)

QB: Lawrence
RB: Jon Taylor
RB: Henry
WR: Lockett
WR: Woods
SPLEX: Jimmy G
WR/RB flex: Montgomery


  1. Should I start Mitchell over Jimmy G this week?
  2. What should I try to trade Mitchell for? a WR? what value?


See, the idea of a Superflex is that you get to start a second QB, since even a mediocre QB usually scores more fantasy points than all but the very elite performers at the other skill positions.

So 1) no, you wouldn’t start some scrub RB over a QB just because you blew 75% of your FAAB on him and want to get your money’s worth.

And I’d like to say 2) a fantasy football lesson; but since I just gave you one for free, I’ll defer to my standard trade value question advice: Start with Derrick Henry and work your way down.