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What to do with Mr. Dez Bryant


With Dallas struggling and only using the run game with Elliot, should I look to move Dez Bryant? What should I be targeting?
WR: Dez, Funchess, Crabtree, Lee, Sanu
RB: Gordon, Ajayi, Abdullah, Morris, A. Jones


Problem is you are going to get low balled left and right. I think Dez still explodes man, I would wait and not get low balled for someone with huge elite potential.


Keep Dez.
Weird game script this week and has a nice schedule coming up. Trade him in 3 weeks.


what about funchess? He hasn’t been so hot lately and just had a good matchup with TB. Getting nothing from him lately


Targets are still there for Funchess, I have him too and would not drop him just yet. He’s getting looked at 6-10 times a game man.


I would trade him if you could. Cam looks bad.


Yeah I have no trust for cam, but who should I target that is similar in level to him?


Hmm I’m not sure. I think he would be better in a package deal