What to do with my newly acquired team


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Man… how many teams are in this league and what kind of league is it? Ppr or standard?

12 teams & it’s full point PPR.
I took over this roster, I have a top 4 pick this year rookie draft. Looking suggestion on how to draft. Any help would be appreciated.

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On who to draft not how to draft.

I’m far from an expert on Dynasty, but I think I would try and deal some of those running backs in an attempt to upgrade. Maybe some 2 for 1 or extra picks? Maybe draft Guice or Penny and then deal Henry?


Yeah I’m leaning towards drafting R.Penny. This is my first year in this league so I’ll have to see what the other teams have & or if there willing to wheel & deal.

Well if it was me personally I’d for sure draft RB. I’d maybe even try and trade up to get Barkley. The team is on the older side, and in my opinion has a lot of sell high candidates. If it were me I’d see if I could dump McCoy and my 1.04 for the number 1 overall. It would be a high risk. Also with my second pick I’d go QB. Also I would try and dump players like Montgomery and reed on the back end of good games. You have 3 players gone from rosters. So maybe even see if you can pick up some depth guys that could get a chance if there were injuries. Like you have with Kendall Wright. If thelan or diggs go out, he is a great player.


I would trade McCoy and Henry in separate trades to pick up some extra draft picks since this draft is deep at rb.

Should I keep Lewis or Henry…?

FOR SURE draft an RB with your top 4 pick. There are a lot more good RBs in this rookie draft than there are WRs.

I would also look to see if you can move Dez. Not sure what you can get back in your league but you might see if you can pair him with someone and maybe a later pick to get a higher tier WR.

Maybe package Lewis with Henry and see if you can get someone to bite on the whole TEN backfield. I do like them, but getting the choice headache out of the way would be a benefit. I think you have decent RB depth with Thompson and (both underrated) Crowell & Montgomery. However, I think as others note you need to hit RB hard and build depth. Maybe you can get another round 1 somehow for the backfield? Maybe even consider the idea to move McCoy for an early pick? But I would start with the TN backfield, and if you are keeping one I would keep Lewis.

If you can find a DEZ fan, move him for value (either player or picks). Your WRs look okay, but not stellar. IF Luck is back to his old self, then you have a great position with TY. Ideally you get some heat from any of Stills / Benjamin / Pryor. I think Wright will do better this year and like his game.

If Reed plays, nice! Otherwise, look for someone like Trey Burton or Vance McDonald. People might not be looking at them. Higbee might come on but it would be through a crowded sea of mouths.

If you can trade for players, see if someone will budge on Alex Collins or McKinnon. Those guys might be edgy for their owners, but I see lots of potential for them. Maybe even Tarik Cohen in a PPR league. He is still sneaky.

WR, I would also look for Jarvis Landry and try to sell the new team AND the Browns. I personally love the Browns, but you could use that in your advantage. Chris Godwin with TB is another person who ought to be moving up the chart some, but more future potential. Same with Allison Geronimo in GB.

In the end, this is likely a workable roster. It will not be fun the first year, but you can certainly work with these guys. Get your RBs early and often this draft, and IMHO only go for A. Miller CHI as a WR in this draft in the 2nd. If he is gone, I would pull RB on every pick. That is my plan at least :slight_smile:

I hope this helps some!