What to do with my team 2019 offseason

I am in a 10 team standard scoring league with 6 keepers per team. As of now, who would u keep or what potential trades would u make. I have the 9th pick in the draft.

QB- P Mahomes
RB- D Johnson, N Chubb, J Mixon, P Lindsay, G Edwards, S Ware, L Miller, J McKinnon
WR- OBJ, A Cooper, T Boyd, K Golladay
TE- Gronk, H Henry

I would keep:
David Johnson
Nick Chubb
Joe Mixon
Amari Cooper


I was thinking that if I just had to pick 6 and couldn’t trade, was also thinking of trading cooper and Lindsay for a better wr2

Yeah i would probably try to package lindsay, mckinnion, miller and/or cooper to try to get another WR

some possible options where each team needs to acquire an additional keeper or more
Team 1- has evans, diggs or ertz with no rbs at all
Team 2- has thielen with not much at rb
Team 3- is a contender, has ab or juju
Team 4- has hopkins
Team 5- has d adams
Team 6- Trade 2 of my rbs for either Elliot or Barkley since team has nobody else besides those 2