What to do with OBJ

What do you all think should be done with OBJ, his talent is clearly being hindered by poor play of Baker and his trade value is getting lower and lower week by week. What would you trade him for I’ve been trying to package him with Coleman to maybe grab an upgrade at RB and a WR2/3 but that seems to not be working.

Completely team dependent and dependent on what you can get.
OBJ’s target share, air yards, and opportunity indicates he should produce as a WR1. Since he isn’t producing but still has the opportunity, he is in a prime spot to bounce back. That being said, if you can get good enough value, a trade should always be considered

Sitting tight with OBJ, not going to get good value for him.

OBJ or JuJu RoS?

ObJ has the better qb

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