What to do with Penny?

So I am in a 10 team keeper. League… Rashard Penny could be kept for $20 out of a $200 budget next year…

I have cam Newton and need to drop someone to pick up a QB to play week 4… Seems like he just can’t get it going over in SEA. I didn’t watch the game yesterday but they seemed to only use Carson… Is penny droppable?

My other bench players Ingram, kerryon, Henry, Lindsay, hogan

Hard to drop a highly drafted rookie RB in a keeper league…
Depending on who your other WRs are, I would say you could drop Hogan

We start 3 WR… Starting michael Thomas, Evans and Watkins… If I drop hogan I have NO WR on my bench LOL. But hey it might be my best option

10 team league
1/2 PPR
1QB 2RB,3WR,1Flex, 1TE

QB- Cam
RB- Melvin, Cook, kerryon, Penny,Lynch,Derek Henry, Ingram(suspended),
WR- Michael Thomas, M. Evans, Sammy Watkins, Hogan
TE- Burton

Hmm, yeah I guess that makes it tough…another strategy could be to do a 2 for 1 trade deal where you send like Henry and Hogan or something similar for a WR upgrade to someone who needs RB depth. That way you free up a roster spot for your QB stream but also improve your team in the process…

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Yeah I guess I’ll try to trade a 2-1 but in a 10 team league teams are pretty stacked.

Drop Henry, not Kerryon.

Never was going to drop kerryon.

Would you drop henry over penny is kinda the question?

Oh sheesh…sorry!

Now THAT is a much tougher question!

I’m not completely ready to give up on Penny. I’m aware of Carson’s huge workload yesterday, but if I’m choosing between Penny and Henry I’m going with the rookie upside. He’s a more talented back than Henry.

I’d drop Henry before Penny.,

I want zero shares of Henry. Especially with that offense and mariota injured. The only piece of Titans I want a piece of is Corey Davis.

I think Penny has a better chance of being relevant than Henry does.

So would you trade henry for David straight up? Not sure the owner would take it but both have scored within like a couple pts of each other for the year.

Would take that in a heart beat but not sure who would give you that trade.