What to do with picks in dynasty?

So, the situation… I have draft picks 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, 1.05 1.06
I have
cousins, newton, darnold, minshew
so i plan on taking 1 qb… or do i take the other 3 qbs and top wr/rb after draft… after t-law is selected and sell them high and upgrade by trade?
or take the 4 dynasty talent guys in etienne, harris, smith and chase, and just select 1 qb?

any input on what e eryone feels the qbs are worth in superflex dynasty

Before giving my thoughts, 2 questions. 1) when’s your draft scheduled? And 2) do you have any other rookie picks or are they all 1st rounders?

Nice work getting all those picks btw!

they’re all first rnd picks, it was a start up draft… the rookie drafts a week after nfl draft … i had actually traded the #2 and #6 for jeudy/jefferson… so no my issue is, do i just take harris, smith, chase, and have an insane team minus my qb 2 (darnold, and qb 1 cousins)

I definitely would load up on the top skill positions. Since your first picking 1.3 then I’d go Harris if he’s still there or Etienne if Harris is gone. Then go the top WR. Now you then go another top wr with thinking of trading it for qb upgrade down the line or pick fields with your last 1st rounder.