What to do with Royce Freeman after week 2?

Keep him? Sell low? Wait and see? What should I do?

Gonna have to ride it out and see what happens. It’s never a good idea to sell someone at their lowest value

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Keep him.

He is still a usable (though TD dependent) flex value right now as it is. He almost had a 2nd touchdown during that game as he dove over the top but didn’t quite make it. Case did the qb draw for the score the next play.

Lindsay has looked great but I can’t see him holding up long term at his size. I think there will be a stretch of games at some point this year where it is Freeman and Booker as the backfield and I can’t see Booker taking too much away from Royce in that situation.

Great point about the size. I didn’t realize he was 5’8 and 165 lbs YIKES! I’m keeping Royce at 238 pounds pure muscle, this was very consoling, thank you very much.