What to do with Saquan

I drafted Saquon Number 1 as hes great but had a difficult year,

is it me or is he not a guaranteed start anymore, cant trust his production

Im in a standard league, and i left singleterry on the bench and play saquon and hes killed me

SERIOUSLY! I traded for him in 2 leagues and he was a definite factor in me losing the week. I also have Montgomery so I got the double whammy.

I say play him- keep playing him- I’d feel like crap if he goes off and he’s sitting on my bench but I would certainly have back ups ready to go. I know you have Singletary but maybe, if you can, also pick up someone like Rashad Penny.

I mean hes far too good to be benched like you say just frustrating

hopefully it hasnt cost me too much this week i need 2 wins to reach play offs

im playing against a team with ingram and I am 26 points ahead so fingers crossed he doesnt have a monster game.

my other rbs

zeke,singleterry,howard, hunt

Oh man yeah - you’re in that “My RBs should destroy but aren’t” limbo.
Similar situation with me- I’m losing this week with Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones and Barkley- as well as Barkley, Bell, Montgomery- so I hear ya.

Gotta play him. Unless your trade deadline hasn’t passed and move him. I’m trying to trade him for Kamara but I really doubt that’s gonna happen.

sadly already passed the trade deadline, i did try and off load him in a trade but wasn’t succesfull

yeah its tought, another tough one, its a 1 keeper league

who would you keep

zeke or barkley?

Oooh- Zeke has the better offense and O-line but Barkley I think might have the higher ceiling plus he’s younger and in a young team who could completely turn it around next year.

I keep Barkley.
Damn, that’s tough.

yeah its annoyingly tough lol

i managed to get zeke in a trade and now im in this position haha



cant believe the guy said yes

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I’ll play Saquon again this week, but I’ll probably bench him against the Eagles if i have a better option.

Yeah Green Bay aren’t great against the run so probably will play him this week

I know what you’re saying- division games are so tough to call though.
What if that’s Saquon’s blow up game? Zeke and Saquon have both performed well against the Eagles even when Eagles have been the best against the run.

I’m not helping at all! Sorry!