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What to do with Snead?


What to do with Snead?

Is he worth holding onto for 3 weeks ? Or picking up off waivers ?

I’m in a 14 team PPR with 4 bench spots


Ginn is probably on WW.


With Snead gone there are no true other slot receivers though Ginn might do it. If you’ve got other good WRs, I’d hold on to Snead.

What makes a player maybe headed for a super-breakout season go and get a DUI in pre-season???


Snead might not be relevant till week 6! Saints got an early bye in week 5. So 3 game ban, first action in week 4 basically a warmup then a week off. I already got Luck holding up a spot on my bench so I might need to drop Snead.


Unfortunately he is not.