What to do with the Packers?

I have Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery on my roster. I don’t know what to do with them. It feels wrong but do I drop them? Available on the waivers are Latavius Murray, Samaje Perine, Kenny Stills, Corey Coleman, Corey Davis. I need some startable players this week since some of my regular starters have been struggling as of late.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

Of course this depends on the rest of your roster, but for heaven sake’s yes, if you need running back help, drop T-Mont, & grab Latavius Murray. He’s the first & second down back, & the goal line guy on a team that’s clicking on all cylinders right now. Same for Perine although I prefer L.M. As far as Jordy Nelson, it seems the new Green Bay quarterback prefers Devante Adams. But Jordy is Aaron Rodgers favorite target in the red zone. You might want to research Rodgers & see when/if he’s going to be back before dropping him.

What to do with the Packers? Throw them all in the dumpster and light it on fire, then “pour some more fire on it”. :laughing: