What to do with this roster construction?

Hey Clan,

Happy draft week! I find myself in a pickle. Due to draft picks hitting and a couple good trades, I find myself with a very deep roster. However, I had the problem of trying to decide who to start on a weekly basis and seemed to never hit big. I do not have any 1st-round picks this year.

What would other dynasty minds do this offseason with this roster?
12-team league, 1/2 PPR
Starters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX

QB: J. Allen, T. Bridgewater, J. Winston
RB: S. Barkley, M. Sanders, T. Gurley, L. Bell, D. Henderson, R. Penney, J. Jackson, B. Snell
WR: M. Evans, D. Moore, AJ Brown, C. Sutton, S. Diggs, K. Allen, T. Hilton
TE: Z. Ertz, O. Howard, G. Everett

Where did you finish last year?

First off it’s hard to know what to do with a roster with a goal for the team in mind. Win a ship? Are you in rebuild mode? That can be answered by the question above, where you finished in your league.

I would start by offering J. Jackson to the Ekeler owner as insurance for a 2nd round pick. In this years draft it’s pretty deep so good chance of a player picked having more production than Jackson.

I think your WR core is solid. Maybe try to sell Hilton to a WR needy team at the top of the league… For a 2nd and a future 2nd… If no one bites, keep him hopefully he has some nice games with Rivers to open the season and you can move him then. Diggs could also be a potential trade candidate. Sell on the hope of being the hands down WR1 on a new team with a QB not afraid to sling the ball downfield.

I’d maybe try to get a younger TE with upside. Mike Gesiki comes to mind, Irv Smith Jr., someone you might be able to get pretty cheap. I’d hold Howard on the chance he’s traded at the draft.

Thanks for the great input! I got bounced in the 1st round of playoffs last year and looking to compete for a championship now. I was thinking the same thing with Diggs and TY. Maybe even package them to get a more solidified WR1.

TBH I’m not high on Diggs myself so if I could package him and Hilton together for even someone of their tier and a pick I’d be happy. Someone like Robert Woods or Allen Robinson and a 2021 2nd. But yeah!
What draft picks do you have beyond the first round?

That’s not too bad of an idea, try to steal a pick, especially with TY getting up there in age. And I have the 2.07 and 3.07 after the first round.