What to do with this team?

10 team PPR league. 1-2 with lowest points for (by a decent margin). I’m not in blow-up-my-team mode, but I also recognize this roster isn’t going to get it done going forward. What do you recommend?

QB - Goff, Allen
RB - A. Jones, Montgomery, Damien and Darrel Williams, James White
WR - D. Adams, OBJ, Golladay, J. Brown, M. Hardman, Gallup
TE - Waller
K - stream
DEF - Jax

I’m hurting bad at RB. The issues are this: 1) it’s very difficult to trade with my league, which is annoying, but I’m still trying my hardest. and 2) There are several teams like mine that are hurting at RB. It’s like all the decent RBs are spread out over a handful of teams haha.

So anyways, what do you recommend I try? Who should I part with/who should I target? I’m open to any/all suggestions. Thank you!

Try and move the obj for a rb 1 if you can

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I’ve thought about that. Who would be a good RB1 to target?

I am in a similar situation in one of my leagues. Weak at RB with good WR’s and tough to trade. I would try to shop one of your top 3 WR’s and depending who it is you should be able to get a low end RB1 or RB2 for them. You could also try to trade Waller and one of your WR’s to a team with strong RB and weak TE and take their TE as well but upgrading at RB. I know it isn’t ideal, but I’d rather have a strong RB and weak TE than other way around.

I’ve tried shopping Golladay around but no one seems interested in him. Yeah I’ve also thought of offering Waller but TE is such a wasteland it was nice being set at that position.

But at this rate, I’m willing to do whatever to improve overall quality of my team, even if it means parting with a stud or 2. I’m also usually a pretty active trader year-in year-out, it just sucks when most people in my league aren’t!