What to do with Tonyan

I picked up Robert Tonyan in both leagues that I have Kelce 2 weeks ago when there was a chance the chiefs game could get cancelled so that I would have a last minute pivot. THen he scored 3 TD’s. I haven’t been able to drop him yet because based off his last 3 games he is easily a top 6 TE and I dont want to just give someone else a TE. Even with Adams coming back I feel like he is a strong play at least until Lazard returns. Just trying to figure out if I should try and trade him now, maybe wait a week or 2 when his value could go up and trade him before lazard returns. and maybe I might even jsut need to throw him in as a flex because of injuries and byes.

SO what are your thoughts on Tonyan ROS or at least until Lazard comes back?