What to do with two solid QBs?

I drafted Watson as my QB1 and took a late round flier on Mahomes. Obviously I am starting Mahomes but should I trade Watson or hold him as protection against Mahomes getting hurt?

I mean you could try to sell Watson but QBs are tough sell unless your waiver crop is thin and a team absolutely needs a qb. And you probably won’t get what you want or the person your selling to won’t bite cause your asking too much. Like I said it’s a tough sell on QBs

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Anytime you can sell a QB for a skilled position player, you do it. If your QB goes down, plenty of streaming options available.

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Second this, i just think the value of watson is low unless you find someone who was like Jimmy G or bust, they might be willing to spend more.

To clarify, I would be 100% down to trade Mahomes right now for high value and start Watson ROS.

When you have 2 players you can start, trade the one at peak value…

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