What to do with Ty Mont?

I’ve tired to shop him but nobody is interested… Is TY Mont worth dropping for someone like Marlon Mack?

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for mack I might be interested in that.

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No no no. Mack is just a handcuff with some flex upside on good matchups. Well…you can say the same thing about Monty, except his upside is much higher. What if Jones gets injured, what if Monty takes a 50/50 timeshare? I mean look what happened with T. Cohen, Perine, Smash Jackson, or McKinnon.

All I am saying is give it time to see what the Packers will do with their game plan. There has been a lot of knee jerk reactions. So hot take, Monty takes back his job/gets 15 touches a game and McKinnon does not dominate that backfield.