What to do with Ty Montgomery and A Jones?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got both jones and Monty in my team and would like to see how the foot clan feels about them?

I’m tempted to trade both away for some WR cover like sanders and an RB like Ingram.

But I also have Martin and part of me feels like trading whilst he’s hot and maybe keeping the packers rbs and see who comes out on top

I’m in exactly the same position. I’m keeping hold of martin for the time being though as think he’s a good player to cover the byes and he’s clearly the number 1 back there so opportunity is good.

In terms of green bay guys I’m unsure and would like to see what the clan say

I’m just looking at Bucs upcoming games and they aren’t great on paper for them in terms of potential rb points. That’s why I’m thinking sell high on him.

But the other side of it is I know what he is and will be good safe option compared to jones/monty who might end up with dud weeks as they both get carries or hot hand scenario. I’m thinking monty could be traded and risk jones or vice versa.

I only have M.Thomas, Parker, Humphries and M.Jones at Wr so you can see why I’m interested to get someone like Sanders to bolster my options

Any thoughts from anyone else?

I just traded for ty mont and picked up Jones off waivers… I honestly am just going to watch the injury report this week and see how it plays out. I think once ty mont is healthy he will return to form and get his job back. I invested pretty aggressively in Montgomery with the hope he turns back to that top 10 RB he was pre injury. Fortunately I was able to grab Jones off waivers this morning. Just watch the injury report and start whichever one plays, however I don’t like the Minnesota matchup this week and may end up playing Gillislee over both of them depending on how the injury report shakes out. Just my thoughts on jt

Ive got Ty on my team and tried to pick up Aaron as well. I’d keep both if you have room on the bench. Ty will get the work when healthy but Aaron could take over if he stays productive and efficient, he’s a more typical RB. They are both on an elite offense that is just getting healthy and should only get better.

I’d be genuinely shocked if Monty too back his 90% snap count share, but I think he’s still be the lead guy. Idk if I’d trade that for Sanders, specifically .

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I have been offered t.hill for monty and buck Allen and another owner has offered sanders for jones! I’m tempted to do one as my wrs are lacking, working with m.thomas, Parker, m.jones and humphries lol

I’d hang on to both Packers RB and see how it plays out when Monty is healthy.