What to do with Tyler Lockett?

I drafted him because I knew Doug would be out and Lockett has been scary consistent. To the point where he always gets between 10-19 points in ppr, but most of those games he only gets 10-12. I have a decent wr core and I can never justify playing him since I always have players with better upside. He doesnt put up enought numbers for me to trade him, Ive tried 2 for 1 offers and people don’t want lockett. I can’t drop him since he would be scooped up right away since he is by far the best on waivers. Fellow Lockett owners what are you guys doing?

You save him for when there’s someone you really want on waivers. Drop him in the middle of the day since most people check waivers later after work or so. While everyone’s focused on putting in a claim for Lockett, you will most likely get your guy.


Holy shit your a madman! I now know what I will do with him if the time is right

Also, I think because Seahawks just beat the Packers on prime time last night, Lockett’s perceived value went up because he made some good plays. Have fun!

Yeah I have Lockett too, but unfortunately I don’t have many options to work with. However, he’s becoming a fantastic WR3 for me. Last night against the Packers, he didn’t find the end zone but still gave me 10pts in receiving alone. Not a ton by any means but I’ll take it.

hes a good wr3. Best floor out of all the wr3s there are imo. you can always trust him to get you a decent amount of points