What to do with Will Fuller now?

what should i expect of him now in ppr? thanks…

drop fuller for sanu now???

Let’s put it this way. He was a must start. Now it’s a gamble. Don’t expect the anything close.

I’m not starting him and I’m in a must win situation.

this sucks!!! so do drop fuller for sanu now???

Hell no! No not drop Fuller right now. Give it a game at least

ok but its ppr and savage is terrible-

What about fuller in a standard league?

idk this REALLY messed my season up----

I would try and trade fuller for whatever you can get based on his name still holding value or hoping someone accepts the trade before they hear about watson honestly.

nobody wants to trade EVER so drop fuller for sanu?

full point ppr—

i would if it were me. fullers value isnt really ppr

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It sucks I just made a big trade for fuller the other day:( you guys think I should start Marvin jones Jr this week or Fuller now that we know about Watson?

Jones for sure

Thats what I thought as well its just so hard because of how bad Indy vs WRs.

Saw there was reports coming out that Mcgloin is heading to Texans.

same result with that clown-i was thinking of going after sanu BUT that matchup this week fuller has is making me just roll with it-its ppr ya i know not good----i could get M jones the other 2 seattle receivers not named baldwin-i am low on receivers as i roll with hill and k allen most weeks but just dropped mixon for diggs-thank god! am loaded at rb-i dont know what to do with fuller-this sucks–

even though it was ppr i get .20 for every yard and was counting on fuller for a BIG game so that would make up for the catches-SHOULD I JUST ROLL WITH FULLER??? I AM 7 AND 1

I would roll with m jones and richardson or baldwin either one, and bench fuller to see what happens this week. If fuller does well then it should be ok but if not then you got to move past fuller because if he cant do well against indy it cant do well anywhere most likely in my mind

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@DABOYS4LIFE. Yeah…WOW…Watson (O) is a real blow for Fuller and D Hop!!! I truly wouldn’t know how to approach that one either. I’m kinda torn between @Super_Mariota’s advice to unload Fuller immediately and @lynch24’s advice to give it a game and see how he does with whoever they have throwing to them now. My sincere condolences. That’s a tough pill to swallow there!!!

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