What to do with Winston?

Do you trust Winston ros? I need to win out ros to make playoffs and he’s been such a risky play since he got hurt. I have McCown on my bench right now to fill in. Do I roll with McCown ros?

Wish I had the answers on that-D Martin is killing me just like Winston-That bye week they were gonna have sure could of helped that shoulder-I wanna say McCown as he seems the safer play right now-idk

I’d just stream

Top options are savage, Cutler, Stanton, and brisett. Not guys I’d really like to stream at all. Brisett maybe.

Winston is a rotate player based on matchup but that’s what he’s always been this season, he’s never been meant to be an every week starter. Watch the waiver wire because i’m sure coming out of this week more QBs will be dropped (this week was another heavy bye week)

Match up hasn’t been the case other than 1 game. It’s been injury. Also my expectations are low there will be qb drops in my league. It’s a 12 team league with most teams having 2 qbs or having a qb that’s already had there bye