What to do with Zeke?

Thoughts on Zeke right now? I mean I know it’s only two weeks but from what I saw it’s hard to not go full tilt right now and just wanna try to trade him away.

I’m probably not the right person to ask since I’m in full tilt, but I’m trying to shop him. Crap offensive line, QBs are jokes- I don’t know if anything comes about. I mean, sheer volume makes me want to keep him but I’m willing to give him up and improve my QB situation and a settle for a lower tier RB. For example, maybe at my BEST, get CEH and a better weapon than Stafford. Ideally, I’m trying to trade Zeke and another piece for a Derrick Henry or so.
I don’t know! Think I’m just thinking and typing.

What are you planning on doing?

Right now I could use an upgrade at TE but also maybe trying to use his name to see if I can’t get a lower tier running back, at best James Robinson but I think he’s out of reach

I tried to trade for him 3 weeks ago with the guy who was 0-3. Glad I dodged that bullet. It’s a combination of terrible line and QB to go along with mccarthy is a terrible coach (Packer fan here). There is no reason he should have had only 12 carries yesterday

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