What to do with Zeke

I took Zeke in the 3rd round originally thinking he was going to serve his suspension and be back weak 8 for a playoff push. Now my team is 6-0 with Zeke playing every game and now being able to play another two weeks. I have Freeman, Gurley and Martin in a 12 team. Non-PPR league and Landry and Hogan as my top WR.

Should I be shopping Zeke for WR’s since he may only be available for two week thus limiting his playoff contribution? Have an offer for Dez and Fitz for him and Landry should I accept?

What is your playoff bracket breakdown? 6 teams? Weeks 14-16? Top 2 seeds have BYE?

8 teams, Weeks 13-16, one week matchups, no byes

I think I would just hold onto Zeke. Worst case scenario he gets suspended for weeks 9-14 and you get him back for the final two weeks of the playoffs. Your team looks pretty solid to where you can make it that far without him.

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