What to expect in return for Cohen

I am in need of an upgrade at WR TE and QB and was wondering what kind of player expectations I would have in return. I am open to trading one of my RBs and maybe try to package one of the many many defenses I won for a package but I want to know what you thought would be reasonable to get back in return.

My team:
QB: Simien
RBs are Bell, Murray, Hunt, and Cohen
WRs are Allen, Galloday, Corey Davis
TE is Clay (I plan to stream this position if I need to)
DEFs are Pitt, Den, and Oak (picked them up to stream for week two)

*Note on DEF: I just don’t want to get rid of them and I rather trade them away for something in return. I guess I am stubborn.

Any advice or opinions would be welcomed!