What to give for Kareem Hunt?

Asking for a friend.

Would you give up Frank Gore and Paul Perkins for Kareem Hunt?

All day, every day - YES! Neither of those guys has a real shot at being a top 10 guy… Gore w/o Luck, behind a bad line with multiple competitors at his heels. Perkins behind a bad line with Vereen and Darkwa there to steal carries. Hunt’s talent in the Reid offense = big-time upside and solid floor.

If this trade is accepted, the guy who receives Hunt wins big time IMO.

hell yeah i would. thats cheap even for the hype train that is hunt. gore and perkins are RB2s at best, perkins being a low end RB2, and gore a middle RB2. as of right now hunt is looking like a high end RB2, with RB1 upside. there is a world where hunt ends up top 5 RB this year. i see no world where gore or perkins do that. hell, put their stats together this year, and they may not beat hunt.