What to give up for M. Thomas?

Looking to make a move for Michael Thomas possibly. What do you think his trade value is right now? I was thinking of offering Woods but dk if that’s too much.

Woods for MT is a great deal if you have a winning record and can sit on MT for 2-3 more weeks.

Low end WR2 is all id be willing to pay as of right now.

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High end WR2 might be the cheapest you can get Thomas. Like a Diggs(I know he’s WR1) straight up could work. Terry McLaurin and maybe another piece could do it. Just depends on what the MT owner might need.

…bragging here, I stole MT for Minshew and David Montgomery 2nd week of his injury. MT owner needed a QB and better RB depth.

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I wouldn’t be buying MT. unless you can get him on the cheap, there’s a lot of risk there and I definetly wouldn’t sell someone like diggs or woods to get him, is value is very low to me, so I agree this would be the time to go get him, but I don’t think its even worth the risk imo