What to offer for Bell?

Hey there! I’d like to make an offer for Bell, because I think he is about to get better and will score more points over the next weeks. I’m not quite sure though what would be the right price for him. I thought about Mack, but he might be too valuable.

My team:
QB: Jackson, Murray
RB: Cook, Mack, Singletary, Edmonds, Edwards, Mattison
WR: Allen, Julio, Shepard, DJ Moore
TE: Waller

His team:
QB: Mahomes, Stafford
RB: Bell, Gore, Hilliman,
WR: Thielen, M. Jones, D. Robinson, Agholor, AB, Westbrook
TE: Akins, Graham

This seems like a package deal from my perspective. Hes a little weak in both RB and Reciever he also has a free drop with AB dont understand why he is even there but he is.

I’d consider something along the lines of



DJ moore and Singletary.

Sure Singletary has a calling that’s high and attractive but Bell is the stronger choice both player and schedule wise.

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You’ll be hard pressed to get Bell from him at all, he’s weak at RB. You csn try offering a package w/ Singletary, but you probably need to offer Mack plus Moore/Shep minimum


Okay, thank you so far. I will try to offer him Singletary + Moore. Maybe he is desperate enough to accept it.

As a bell owner myself with that lineup I wouldn’t accept anything less than Mack. If you’re high on Bell then it would be worth it for you.


Last Friday I offered my Damian Williamson and Carlos Hyde for Lev Bell and he accepted it.

That dude had to have been high haha.

I’ve been waiting for just the right time for Hyde to have a big game and the Chiefs atrocious run d was it. The only thing is because Damien Williams played this Thursday night, my trade won’t go through until next Tuesday morning I believe. The trade did not get vetoed so it should go through for sure right? In other words there’s nothing to stop the trade from going through at this point tight? It’s. Yahoo league and there are 3 days to review the trade. The trade was accepted on Monday and today is Saturday. Thoughts?