What to pay for DAK

The Dak owner has Wentz also. He is open to trade. What would you give up to stop streaming. I am the only team that doesn’t have 2 QB on the roster(luck is in the ir spot) so options are tough off the wire.

My roster
Luck (IR Spot)

D. Murray
D. Martin
B. Allen
R. Kelly
M. Mack

K. Allen
J. Nelson
J. Laundry
D. Amendola


I would try and trade Nelson, use his name value and see what happens, your could send nelson and someone else and try to get an upside WR 3 for health insurance for Amendola

That’s the first thing I I sent. It might work if I throw in ASJ and go back to stream the TE. Jordy and ASJ?

What would be too much?

I would Hold on to ASJ, he has been one of the very few solid TE this year. maybe throw in McFadden as a lottery bid on 6 games.