What to think of Keenan Allen

Half ppr Had high hopes for him and the emergence of Mike Williams has brought that down. Whats his rest of season look like to you? High WR2? Low 2? seems hes no longer really a fantasy WR1 but could he return to it?

I also have the Ridley, DJ Moore owner who wants him so trying to figure out what I should ask for. Ridley could be the trade but I also have Patterson so idk if that is ever able to be trusted to start both. If hed do the swap for either of them would you?

He’ll have games at WR1 and he’ll have games at WR2. It’ll be inconsistent unless Herbert hyper targets him more. Im in the same boat. Unfortunately, I doubt you can make a trade thatll be worth WR1 value unless its a package deal

here is my lineup

Would you take Moore or Ridley for him straight up? Ridley would be paired with Patterson on my team which I dont think I love.

My WR K. Allen, Diontae, AB, Thielen Meyers
My RB Kamara, Mixon, Patterson, D. Harris, Lat. Murray

I wouldnt mind having them on the same team because they pass a lot. moore over ridley though.

feel free to help me with my issue