What to think of the Philly RB Committee

Who would you rather have, Smallwood or Clement? yes or no and why?

I have both and if I was forced to start one of the two I would start smallwood, Clement is coming off an injury and smallwood has been solid with the amount of touches he’s getting

Solely based on Yahoo reporting Smallwood will be the starter, and also I suppose bc of the injuries Clement has been grappling with…I guess I’d rather have Smallwood. Especially if this is PPR

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On the other hand, if the Eagles were to sign/trade for another RB, chances are it’ll be one who is more of the elusive-type rather than a downhill big guy like Ajayi, bc Clement is that type of downhill guy already. That might not bode well for Smallwood ROS. But if you’re deciding who to start this week, I think I’d def roll with Smallwood.

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The three names being tossed around right now for Eagles are Shady, Bell and Howard so that’s two 3 down guys and a power runner who has worked on his catching, but isn’t known for it.