What trade offer should I make to try to get Travis Kelce? I have Engram and Waller. Rosters in post

It’s a half ppr league, 1 point for 1st downs.

I like to hold on to at least 2 tes.

We start 3wrs, 2rbs, 1te, 2 flex.

My record is 3 and 1, in 2nd place.

My wrs Hopkins, Adams, Kupp, Christian Kirk, McLaurin, Hardman.

My rbs Carson, Penny, Jacobs, Breida, Pollard.

My tes Engram, Waller

His wrs Julio, Shepard, Fuller, DeMarcus Robinson, Crowder, DeSean Jackson, Callaway,Ross.

His rbs- Fournette, Aaron Jones, Howard, Frank Gore.

His tes- Kelce,Herndon.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Do you really need Kelce? Imo your team looks pretty solid and to get him you might have to give up too much and throw your team out of whack, but if you wanted to make an offer maybe Waller with a wr


I personally think you should try and upgrade your RB position. Once Tyreek Hill comes back that will cut into the target share in KC. You have two of the top TE’s. However your RB slot could hurt in the long run.
You will have Hopkins, Kupp, (3rd WR based on matchups)
Carson I guess? then Jacobs or Brieda? Breida is in a busy backfield, pollard is boom or bust, and jacobs plays for Oakland.
Try and sell Hardman high right now, kirk could add some value to a trade. Dont make a trade for Kelce just because you love the player if that makes sense.


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@drew_griffith I have Adams also, to start as part of my 3wrs, not sure if you saw that in my post.

I was thinking of a 2 for 2 offer with the Kelce owner, I offered him Engram and Breida for Kelce and Howard.

Apologies, I did see that you had Adams. You are fine at WR, that was what I was hinting at. The trade you offered is fair. I just personally would use the depth you have at WR and tight end to go after one of the top 10 RB’s. You could possibly find the person in the league who has Austin Hooper or Mark Andrews, offer him on of your tight ends and one of your WR’s for one of those TE’s mentioned and a Bell, Cook, Kamara, Elliot, type player.

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@drew_griffith thanks, Yeah, I’ve tried, it’s tough to trade in this league though.

I don’t understand why you think Kelce’s target share will be altered on Hill’s return… he was ready and available in the offense the previous two years where Kelce was a bellcow TE1

I agree I’d upgrade RBs, that’s just kind of a weird, not-true reason to do that haha

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go get another RB with all this ammo you have, maybe something like

Jacobs and kirk or terry


marlon mack, this is a much more important upgrade as you already have 2 top 6 TEs


I am saying that it is possible it could be effected. Doesn’t it seem like Mahomey is already dividing the ball up between 100 people? Kelce will always be a great start. If you have him, play him every week. I was just trying to make the point that he already has two solid TE’s and that a RB upgrade would be a nice addition to his already stacked roster.

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I agree with everyone else. I’d target RBs to improve there and I don’t think you need Kelce. Since you’re 3-1, see if you can go grab Kerryon on his bye.


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I forgot to mention I have Gallman too, but I know Barkley is coming back soon.

Gallman will be a starter in leagues until Barkley comes back, which sounds like might be week 6. I would just consider the long run. You could win with your WR’s and Tight ends every week alone probably. But it would give me peace of mind if that was my team knowing i had RB’s who i can count on week to week to assist when the WR’s and TE’s flop one week.

I offered Hardman, Engram, Jacobs , Breida for Kamara, Kittle, and Marvin Jones in a trade.

That would be a solid addition. A lot of moving parts but if you can scoop up Kamara and Kittle that would be awesome.

@drew_griffith Thanks, I also made another similar offer, but McLaurin instead of Hardman.

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@dgreen7 @drew_griffith @jamb007 @jonathan_stone @BratwurstNightmare what do you think about offering Jacobs and Kirk or McLaurin for Mack and Sutton? Only thing is Mack is injury prone, but he is practicing today.

I was offered OJ Howard and Mack for Jacobs and Engram.

I agree with many here. Why go after Kelce when you are so set at TE??? You need more help at RB. Kelce has been the top for many years. Waller is up and coming, Engram is starting out fine. I’d be more prone to trading one of the two of them to get help at RB.

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I wouldn’t do that. Oj Howard is trash and despite Mack starting out better than Jacobs thus far, that’s not quite the Rb upgrade to give up a top te

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