What value should I look to get in a Carson trade?

Im not going to overeact, but if I was to trade Carson, what should I look for in return?

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It’s hard to value as nothing might have changed or he could be seeing less touches. I’d pursue a Penny deal to secure your team as I genuinely don’t know what I’d offer for him right now

I’m hurting at tight end and have an offer to me right now for him. Carson and Marvin Jones for Kelce, Alshon Jeffrey and Russel Wilson. I’m considering it for sure, just concerned about losing the rb depth

Trade him for some better hands. But In all seriousness that Kelce trade isn’t bad if you’ve got the depth . Love Carson and the talent but am terrified he’s gonna lose work if he keeps this up

I have DJ and Dalvin Cook but that’s it for RB’s now. But OJ isn’t going to cut it at tight end I don’t think

Gotcha, if a deal for a top 15 WR/RB came around would you be tempted?