What was a trade or waiver move that doomed/hurt your team this year?

To go along the lines of who helped your team the most this season I’m curious what moves hurt you or doomed you? I’ll go first.

Traded Wilson and Kamara for Wentz and Freeman right before the injuries… good news is I’m still 8-4 in the playoffs but chances are I face this team in the championship.

Traded Gurley and Graham for CJ Anderson and Ertz after week 2… again good news is I’m 9-3 and in first place but really would have made my team unstoppable.

Share your stories below!

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I traded Funchess and Tate for Freeman and Adams (then traded Adams). I’ve gotten .3 points out of Freeman. Luckily, I’m 10-2 and the #1 seed for the playoffs.

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Mine are all waiver missed

Didn’t pick up Robby Anderson, or Perine in time which really would have helped my team

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I traded away Keenan Allen for Hyde in 1 league and also Allen/Doug Martin for Dez in another in week 3. I have officially missed the playoffs in the first league after going on a 4 game losing streak and dropping from 2-11. If I had been playing allen over hyde in the flex spot I would probably be in 3rd.

Second league I am secure in the playoffs, but the guy I traded allen to also has AB and Kamara so I am pretty sure I am not winning that league.

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I traded Kamara and Tate for Hyde and Garcon when jimmy g got traded to SF. I also traded Thielen and J Howard for D. Thomas and TY Hilton ):


Picked up kamara - traded him for mixon, which then I dropped two weeks ago.

Traded away thielen and Evan Engram for Devonta freeman right before his injury game :disappointed:

I’ve made crazy “good” trades and still somehow am 5-7 in one league, 7-5 in the other (my two primary leagues)


Made a trade to send theilen for Michael Thomas the week before he went mad in london then 3 20 or games.

Missed trade where I had agreed but bottled it was weeks ago during hunt bye before Freeman injury, had hunt dez and martin for Coleman and LEV BELL!!! Ah man. Im now 50:50 to make playoffs in a winner takes all game! Would be been home and dry otherwise

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After week 3 I traded away Kareem Hunt and Jordy Nelson and in return got Todd Gurley and Michael Thomas lol


I traded Evans and DeMarco Murray after Evans got suspended for Peterson and Morris

Was a rage trade because I was just so fed up with Murray who went on to score 2 touchdowns the following week…

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This is supposed to be what killed your team haha not the BEST move you made :slight_smile:


I skimmed through the title too fast and thought it said doomed/helped :sweat_smile:


I proposed a trade for Chris Thompson for Hyde and Anderson.

The owner did not accept it and I accidentally left it pending. This owner saw Chris thompson go down and prompty accepted the trade :slight_smile: :0 :slight_smile:

Lost 2 running backs for free


Oh man that’s dirty…

Believe it or not I dropped Zeurlein to waivers. I’m 3-8 and would probably be in the playoffs because I lost a lot of games by less than 10 points

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Before the start of the season I traded Keenan Allen and Ertz for Amari Cooper -.-

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@Jostrowski that’s rough. I stuck with Allen and traded for him because I knew the schedule would get easier. Lucked out there

That sucks. I’ve seen him on waivers a few times and thought about picking him up but I always thought the Rams offense couldn’t keep it going…

Mine is more of like the trade that got away.

I had Stafford on a bye coming up and it was Tuesday night so I had to put a waiver claim in on a QB, my other one at the time was Luck so he was getting dropped. I tried shopping him around a bit and I wasn’t getting anything and my final one was Cooper for Luck (that sunday was copper’s 40 point game). It was getting late and I had to put a waiver claim in for the morning so a i canceled the trade, and went to bed with Luck going to the waiver wire the next day.
I check my email the next morning and I had an email from ESPN saying someone requested a trade with me and sure nuf it was Cooper for Luck. Could’ve had Coop his big week and then flipped him for something better, it was tragic lmao

But hey, 8-4 and in the playoffs while that guy is 3-9 so who really lost here :joy:

I dropped Alfred Morris before tonight…I need to win this week to make the playoffs

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Other than that, I almost hit the button on a trade to get Kamara for Hunt…

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