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What We Learned in Week Six (Fantasy Football)

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/what-we-learned-in-week-six-fantasy-football/

The offensive explosions that we saw in Weeks 4 and 5 slowed down a bit, but there was still plenty of excitement to go around. David Johnson and Nick Chubb continue to reward the owners that drafted them in the first round, while Devante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins are sinking their fantasy owners further and…

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The problem with the Browns is they are completely neglecting the real player they need to run their offense through: Nick Chubb. Neglect could be the wrong word based on outcome of his games but there was a 2 quarter period yesterday where they completely forgot about him and tried to force a relationship between Baker and OBJ. They are doing things in game that should be done in practice. Focus Chubb and the passing attack will open up naturally. Also fix the playcalling, throwing multiple times from the one yard line with chubb is insulting to fantasy owners and Browns fans

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@Kvnklly any thoughts on Hunt’s return? Does it add another layer for the Browns? Does it hurt Chubb? Does it do anything significant? Ex Chiefs back seem to fade into obscurity

It shouldnt do anything. But knowing how coaches try to overcoach, there will probably be an unneccessary committee until Chubb proves again he should be the only back on the field. I am personally expecting a rbbc for like 2-3 games (hopefully at worst) but Hunt should be in the Hilliard role aka a breather back. Luckily they have no pressure to showcase hunt for a trade as he is a free agent after this year and is on a 1 year 1 mil deal

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Well said. But with Chubb going beast mode lately, even with a bad team, do you think they’re already reevaluating Hunt’s necessity? Any chance of him having value somewhere else that might feature him?