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What would Andy Do?


Hi guys standard league pick 2 WR and 1 Flex

Damarius Thomas
Dez Bryant
Randall Cobb

Also Flex 1
Terrence West
ameer abdulah
Adam Thielen


I like the TD upside of Thomas and Bryant. But Cobb has the upside of a huge passing offense. So I’d say your not in a bad position starting any of them unless it’s a really close match up. Also your flex I’m in on thielen I’m starting him in my 8 team standard. He has a good volume of targets coming to him. But west is also a good start based on the match up. Hope I helped best of luck this week.


ya i usually tend to find RBs a bit safer to flex especially with woodhead out i think he has a higher change for a TD , I also have pierre Garcon, and Tenn Ginn JR chillin on my bench


Ginn is also a good option even though he’s playing against the pats. But they’re at home and brees’ home road splits are huge and gives Ginn more value. I’d honestly be concerned of Bradford’s health if your play thielen. But west this and Ginn are your best options and I don’t think youll hurt if you play any of them


The homer in me wants to say start Dez, but I can’t against Denver. If Bradford plays I’d flex Thielen, otherwise West.