What would be a fair offer for TY?

My WRs are fine, but a tad thin with only have 4 [OBJ,JuJu,Sanders,Watkins] - would you even make an offer for TY? Trying to buy a bit low with the injury news, and the owner who has him in my league only has 3 RBs, one being Smallwood.

My RBs are Gordon, Michel, Howard, Thompson, Ekeler, Hyde.

Would you offer either Thompson or Hyde straight up for TY?

I’m buying Hilton right now. Buying him everywhere. Glad he has one more injured week. Luck is throwing at record pace and I don’t see it slowing down. Based on last week, he only has one competent WR and that’s Hilton. I think Luck can easily go for 4500 yards this season. Hilton will be main beneficiary.

I would 100% be willing to give up thompson or hyde for Hilton.

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Which would you prefer to move for him?

I think Hyde might get him, especially if you are in standard. You have enough depth I think you could go as much as Howard even.

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Depends on CT’s health and format. Smith almost killed him on MNF. In full PPR, I like CT more. In standard, Hyde more.

They’re pretty close so honestly, not too concerned about which to give. I’d just go with your own preference/gut for which you like more.

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Thanks, and yeah I should’ve stated PPR. Appreciate the help and advice

I’m in PPR but leaning towards moving Hyde for him as well, thanks

If u can get Hilton for either Hyde or Thompson jump on it… but if ur league is competitive that won’t even be close to his value. But I would definitely start with Thompson personally I like Hyde better with the schedule they have. Either way u can’t go wrong if u can snag Hilton for that.

How about lynch for Hilton would you do it?

Not a chance in this world I give up Hilton for lynch.

Hmm interesting I have a trade offer waiting for me to accept his Hilton for
My lynch. I’m just worried about Hilton’s hammy

I guess I should take it?

I’d consider it in ppr but no way in standard.

.5ppr is the format

He really did almost kill him lol. He should be ashamed of himself for putting his dude in the line of fire like that as a veteran QB. In a game that was pretty much over before it started, no less. And when he did the exact same thing to AP on their first drive on a 3rd Down dump off that was 7 or 8 yards shy of a first down at the point of contact. Smith knows the playbook cold in whatever system he’s in and can deliver the ball underneath accurately enough, but that is absolutely all he brings to the table. Knock on wood for the Redskins receiving core as long as he’s under center…