What would be fair for Gronk

I am trying to trade for gronk because frankly TE is my only weak position as I have Engram and Uzomah. The gronk owner has a very week team and is 1-5, especially week at RB starting royce and crowell every week.

I have thompson, mccoy, zeke, and ito smith. At Wr I have Cooks Allen AB and snead. What should I send to the gronk owner that might be fair?


I think your best bet here is working a 2/1 utilizing engram and an rb.
I would start negotiations with him and thompson, you may have to give up ito to get things done. Upside alone for both those guys should at least garner his interest.

Now though if your team can manage without a top tier TE, i wouldn’t bother looking at a trade at all.
Once Enram comes back he should return to being a starter. Uzomah has great upside.