What would you change about my dynasty league rules?

I am starting a dynasty league. My co-commissioner and I have come up with a rough draft of the league rules. I want to see based on your past experiences what you like or don’t like about our choices.
It is a 12 team empire league (resets after one team wins 3 times). 2 Flex. 0 Kicker 0 Defense. 24 man rosters (good size?), plus 2 IR spots and 2 taxi squad spots. startup draft is an auction (how long will this take for 26 rounds worth? 4 top records and next 2 highest points make the playoffs.

With regards to the Empire league, is the requirement to win the championship 3 times total? Or wins 3 times in 3 years?


  • 24 person roster sounds good. In general, roster should be 1.5 times your starting lineup.
  • Your platform’s auction capabilities will impact the amount of time it takes to complete.

For Example: in some cases each team can nominate a player. This should provide a faster auction as there are multiple players available at one time. If your platform or desire it to only auction one player at a time - than it could take much longer.

Playoffs can be determined in multiple ways. Do you have separate conferences/divisions? The concept of top 4 records and 2 highest points is widely accepted. My guidance would be to use this to form the conferences/divisions or use the conf/div to help form your playoff.

For exmaple: One 12 team pool (no seperate conf/div) if you simply want the top 4 records. Or you could have 4 div with each div winner awarded a playoff birth.

Thanks for the response. The requirement is 3 years total. I pushed for two years in a row, and co-commissioner wanted 3 in a row so this was what we ended with. Do you mean 2.5 times starting roster? I have heard that before. Which would mean I should have a couple less spots.
We are using Sleeper, which is apparently releasing an auction capability later this offseason, so idk what the capabilities are yet. If we can only do one at a time is that going to be too much of a pain? I like the divisions idea, but think it is unfair if one division is really good. Will likely do 1 12 team pool.

Sounds like a good setup to me. I’m sure you have it figured out, but how you do the auction money has a big impact. I’m really liking the “bankroll” leagues where your money roles over from year to year. So if you get $100 for the startup auction and only spend $80 you can roll the extra $20 into the rookie draft. Then any money left after rookie draft goes into your FAAB budget, etc. I can provide more specific details if you’re interested in something like this.

Interesting, I like that setup if you have a separate rookie draft. We were planning on having the rookies as part of the start up draft that will be held in June or July, so only one budget is needed. I would like your opinion though outcome of auction draft. I mean there are like 250-300 players being drafted. How long do dynasty auctions take in your estimation? Also have you found them to result in competitive leagues or are a few teams that are better at auctions usually head and shoulders above the rest of the league?

You could still do the same bankroll even with one auction. There is almost always a chance a few teams will be powerhouses in Dynasty regardless of draft format. Auction increases that chance IF there are a few experienced auction drafters and several less experienced, but it is also just as likely to create even better balance. I am a huge fan of the auction format. I wouldn’t worry too much about imbalance. Just encourages more trading of draft picks and having teams build for the future.

Are you planning on it being an online onl draft or are you planning to get people together in person?

What is the extra auction money used for? Next years rookie draft? I think we will probably use linnear for that.
That makes sense for imbalance. I would love to do in person, but it will likely have to be online. We all used to be from the same state but have moved around the country.

One idea I’m toying with is that money from each years fees go into a Dynasty Pot.

Here is what I included in my constitution:

Each year $15 will be put into an ongoing Dynasty Pot. To win the pot you must either:

  • Win two championships in 2 year.
  • Win three championships in 5 years.
  • Win five championships in 10 years.

If a manager leaves the league there is no reimbursement for the Dynasty Pot.

2.5 times starting roster is just a suggestion. Not a hard and fast rule. However I would say that maybe your starting requirements should be increased. I don’t think you mentioned what they were specifically other than 2Flex.

I would not be concerned with a division being really ‘good’. Typically a team would play in-division games more often (like play each team twice a year). You’ve also provisioned 2 playoff spots to highest points, so that ‘good’ division may still represent accurately in the playoffs.

Appreciate it. I like that 3 in 5 years option. 2.5 is what I have heard. We will have 8 starters (qb,rb,rb,wr,wr,te,flex,flex). Would you recommend decreasing roster down a bit, or adding more starters?

I would suggest adding a 3rd flex to your starting lineup requirement.

I assume there is no desire for Superflex? Otherwise you would have implemented already.

I proposed superflex, but I have a co-commissioner, and that was one of the things I had to concede. Another question. Are the logistics of an auction draft a pain for that many players? Especially if we can’t do it in person?

Without knowing how Sleeper plans to implement the auction functionality, it is impossible for me to answer this accurately. I know thousands of leagues are started and hold rookie auction drafts each year. The logistics on a platform like MFL must not be a burden if this is the case.

I actually think a LIVE auction would be very difficult. Not impossible. But likely wouldn’t be possible to nominate and auction multiple players at one time in a LIVE auction. Computers make life easier!!

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Yes, that is a good point. I would be fine using MFL and rolling it over after the draft. You would highly recommend being able to auction off multiple players at a time over individually?