What would you do if you were me?

I played the waiver wire well the past few weeks and now i have so many good running backs i can’t decide to start. In the rankings all four backs are ranked within 5 of each other.
Who would you start?


Also i have Kupp or Gallup. Kupp has a bad matchup and bad qb, Gallup has a great matchup but we don’t know how serious Daks injury is?
Thanks for the helps guys

Mostert is probably the best runner but Coleman, Smith and Breida are always in the mix. Drake and Boone have the best opportunity. Boone has the better matchup of the two. I don’t trust Conner’s shoulder, he may play the whole game or one snap…

Short answer, I honestly like Boone’s opportunity and matchup the most.

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That’s what my gut was telling me, i just needed to hear someone else say it. Thank you.

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