What would you do with Gordon?

I have stashed Melvin Gordon and popped him into my IR slot. Got him dirt cheap and I’m super happy about it.

What I’m trying to decide is what to do if (when) he returns. I am hoping it’s early season weeks 2 or 3 so I can cash in on a huge trade value for him. I need a WR1 and an upgrade at TE.

What do you think he should be valued at on a return?

The Ekeler owner has Kelce. So maybe Kelce and another piece for Gordon.

Or I keep Gordon and Saquon and just dominate RB points and trade smaller with Johnson or Jones.

My other RBs: Saquon Barkley, Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson. For depth: Frank Gore & Justice Hill.

Are you asking what he’s valued at now or if he signs? If he signs, are we assuming full workload (I would). The biggest issue you’ll face is everyone else drafted their teams assuming Gordon wasn’t available; so ,its likely they’re happy with their RBs and will be hesitant to trade at value. If he comes back early, he should be valued as a top 5 RB. If he comes back after week 4, his range differs because you have teams 4-0 and 0-4 so he could be valued as “the piece missing for my team” or as a flex piece for someone else.

If he signs for sure.

I see a couple of teams (including the Ekeler owner) that could use him for sure.

Ekeler owner has Hopkins and Kelce so I might put some thought on a trade that we both “win” that he gets Gordon and I walk with one or both of those…

He put his stock into Damien Williams and Ekeler it looks like.

Damien Williams, Darwin Thompson, Austin Ekeler, Dalvin Cook, Derick Henry, Dion Lewis, LeSean McCoy…

I feel like he will chomp at the bit for Gordon if he signs. He’s got the whole damn KC backfield lol

LOL Ive got the whole damn Chargers backfield >.<
Not Looking good for the Melvin Lottery ticket holders

I grabbed Gordon in the 9th round I think it was?

So for what he’s worth if he signs I got him at nothing.

Now as long as no one on my team needs to go to IR he doesn’t even take up roster space. I can hold him but the longer he holds out the less interested I become in trading him and move a smaller piece for some better WR positioning on my roster.