What would you do with this

12 Team Standard 1-1 record. 1 QB league. Feeling the need for a shakeup.

Tried to trade Winston/Murray to the Ben owner who also has Kamara and Samuels but no luck. Thinking of picking up McLaurin or Mostert and streaming D and drop Ravens. Any other ideas. Thanks

Ryan , Winston
Zeke , Conner , Lat Murray, R Freeman , M Sanders , M Brown
Cooks , Godwin , Ridley , Crowder


Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

Bump one more time. Thanks

I would 100% pick up mclaurin and mostert and drop latavius murray and jamison crowder (especially in a standard). Drop Ravens D as well and see if you could stream like a niners or chargers (play miami next week) dst or something (assuming cowboys aren’t there).

And as far as trading a qb to a desperate team - the move may work, depending on who else you package (winston is not an attractive option). If it doesn’t work out, I’d probably drop Winston too and shore up on some rb depth.

Thanks for the reply. I have waiver 7 so put in McLaurin for Crowder.

Traded Murray for Samuels for Conner handcuff.

Would you drop Brown for Mostert. Thanks

Missed out on McLaurin but grabbed Mecole Hardman. Got Mostert

Would you drop Winston for another bench player or hang tight with all the QB injuries.

Have 6 RB and 4 WR. Waiver RBS are thin but WR like Washington, Shepard , Deebo are available.

Thoughts. Thanks