What would you Keep?

I’m in a 10 team keeper league with full PPR scoring. Each team can keep up to three. Each keeper goes against your pick – so if you keep three those are your 1st, 2nd, 3rd picks. If you keep one – that would be your 1st pick and you begin at pick 2.

I have the following potential keepers. Which would you keep if any?

Todd Gurley
Leonard Fournette
Dalvin Cook
Zack Ertz
Stefon Diggs

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts.

Thanks for your input…

Gurley, Cook and Ertz would be my picks.

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Thanks much! That is the way I was trending… it’s always good to have confirmation.

I honestly wouldn’t keep any and see who is there for the first couple rounds.

They guys I would keep if I had to would be Gurley,Cooks & Ertz, but that would be at their ADP (Gurley 1st, Cooks 2nd, Ertz 3rd). When I select keepers, I want a big value gained.

If everyone keeps at least one player and you don’t, you get first choice on everyone left on the board (including Gurley etc). Kind of a gamble, but if you know who others are keeping before your draft, I’d consider it.

Great point @Wells_Faine. AND you have any potential rookies that are coming out. I don’t view any of them as must haves. Your thoughts?

It’s still pretty early, but Jacobs in OAK will get a big workload. Montgomery in CHI has a huge opportunity and Henderson is a definite handcuff for Gurley right now. There’s still other guys with upside, but their floors are pretty low. These 3 have a decent floor to start the season. I also like Campbell in IND and Hardman in KC as a later round prospects. But I don’t see any of these guys as “must haves”.

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Thanks much! Great input.

I’d keep Gurley/Cook/Ertz… unless everyone is just throwing their rosters back, there’s no advantage to having picks in the first three rounds considering the amount of talent that’s unlikely to be thrown back into the player pool.

They can only keep 3 players. Maybe someone’s 4th player is better than his top 3 guys (unlikely). We don’t know everyone’s rosters from this league so you can’t be sure that there won’t be any talent in the pool. Plus if he’s the only guy to throw is roster back then he would then get the first 3 choices. Worst case, he just gets his guys back that he would keep anyways.

A guy in my league last season did some wizardry with trades and had Barkley/Gordon/OBJ/Mahomes on his team. So he would have to give up one of those players, and they would be available to the first guy who dumped their keepers.

I would go Gurley Cook Diggs personally, but I’m anti TE for a keeper. As much as Gurley scares me if he ends up fine he will be the RB1 for sure. Cook and Diggs is tough being they are on the same team, but I think that team is one that you can have 2 players from it and be fine. Any other players available to keep?

@foxlvstrng = we won’t know until draft day. Who is kept is a secret until the draft starts… which is a good thing. Most these guys are seasoned so there will be no good players available. I will have pick 8, finishing just outside of the final… so there will be slim pickings when it comes to my pick.

I gotcha, I would wait until it’s your pick to make the decision then. Have a couple of routes to go, but honestly I would lean towards not having to lose a pick as of right now though