What would you pay in FAAB Devonte Adams, Miles Sanders

Title says it all, Short on RBs, 16 (now 15) team guillotine PPR. Adams and Sanders just got added to waivers. $200 FAAB cash

Adams I’d do 15-25% depending how bad you need WR and Sanders I’d try to get him for 5-10% since you won’t be playing him I wouldn’t imagine. I’m new to this too, trying to figure out how much to bid on Evans in my Guillotine league.

It’s incredibly hard to bid these super star players correctly

I understand the faab is valuable I’m guillotine but if you can survive one more week with Adams on your team after Minnesota he will return insane value .

25-40% on Adams

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I’d put no less than 30% on Adams, RBs be damned