What would you trade for....help

Owner in my league wants to trade Ingram and/or Lev Bell

My team is
QB: Streamer
RB: CMC Freeman Williams Montgomery and Jordan Howard
WR: Lockett Ridley fuller juju and diontae Johnson

do you think I should offer? If so what would you be willing to offer? Williams for one of them straight up? I think he want some receivers…juju/Howard for Ingram Bell? Just some thoughts

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I live in Pittsburgh and I don’t want JuJu. He only had chemistry with Ben, and only when AB was getting blanketed. Plus, he’s good for a costly fumble at just the wrong time.
The Jets…sigh. I hate the Jets. Even more so since they got our RB who was more concerned with his Call of Duty skills on Twitter than the fact we had just been embarrassed in the playoffs. Again. Yeah he’s a beast. Yeah I’m a hater. But he’s not in a great situation.
It looks like you need WR help. Your RB core seems solid, except Montgomery. I didn’t check, but are bye weeks the reason youre thinking about this?