What would your draft strategy be using the UDK for this Line Up Format

Its full ppr. We start 3wr, 2rb, 2 flex.

Also half point each for receiving, rushing, passing first downs.

Plus bonus points for each position.

I have the 9th pick. Would your strategy be go go wr heavy early since there are 3 wr and 2 flex? If so, what would your strategy be for the rest of the draft? Or still stick to the tier based drafting?

Thanks Footclan!

I don’t think you need to vary your strategy just based on that lineup. A lot of dynasty leagues are 3 WR and 2RB. It’s just because the RB asset is more limited, there’s only 1-2 starting / playable RBs per team whereas there are typically more WRs. I would just stick to tier based drafting.

Personally, I go for value so whatever value falls to me at that spot, I take it. If OBJ/Nuk receivers fall to you there, I would take it. Otherwise, would stick to the RB/RB.

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