What WR can I flip Chubb for?

Just picked him up off waivers on the news. I have Gurley, Michel, Chris Thompson, and Royce Freeman as my backs in a Two RB two Flex league. My WR’s are struggling. Baldwin would be my #1 and I guess Fitzgerald as my 2. Also have Cobb, Sanu, and Enunwa.

I know WR RB trades are team dependent but what kind of receiver should I shoot for. I don’t think Hyde was anything special this year. Td dependent and the unknown of Chubb could give him more appeal. Looking at combined rest of season ranks Hyde was near Alshon. Do you think that would actually work?

Chubb just walked into 18-20 touches a game. With his level of talent, he will produce. He is a big play specialist. Kind of like Barkley but not as good at catching but more powerful between the tackles.

To me, he is a high RB2 with RB1 upside going forward so charge the maximum.

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Interesting. I guess I just don’t have a ton of faith in the Cleveland running game as a whole. I agree Chubb is as good or slightly better than Hyde.

But if we’re talking high end RB2 or low RB1 that’s only worth a WR1 in my books in a half ppr since I value RB’s so much more.

Talent wise, Hyde doesn’t hold a candle to Chubb. Probably only Barkley has the burst/explosiveness/speed combo that Chubb has.

I just signed him as a free agent let’s goooooo

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In other news I was streaming colts defence and dropped them on instinct for Chubb… now I need to figure out who to drop lol

Me to! So stoked!!! Dropped Lynch for him but Chubb’s talent just cant be denied!

Lol, just hang on to the full suite of UGA RB’s and watch them flourish. Chubb just needs one breakout game (where he gets more than 3 carries to get his multi-TD stat line, that is) and the he can quickly command a low end WR1 in some cases I bet. Should be even better as things progress.

Yeah I was all in on UGA RBs this year. Talent wise, I think they are 2A and 2B to Barkley.

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